Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sequim, WA and a Trip Around Protection Island

I'm going to make this a quick (and easy) photo blog of Dan's and my trip out to Sequim for a boat trip around Protection Island. The goal was to see Alcids (mostly Rhinoceros Auklets and Tufted Puffins). But we were fortunate enough to have a wonderful Heerman's Gull mixed in with the Glaucos-winged flocks, giving us a total of two life birds for this trip -- the Puffin and the Gull, since we had already ticked the Auklets at Whidbey Island the previous day.

This first photo is the lineup for the ferry. Sequim was having its annual Lavender Festival.

The weather on the ferry ride out was beautiful, so we had high hopes for the day.

We took a short detour to a place called Troll Haven. The next few photos give an impression of this incredible place. It's not a tourist attraction -- but a private residence. So I think we only saw a small piece of its whimsy.

After spending some time at the Lavender Festival, we drove over to the Marina. The weather had turned sour. We wanted to stop and have some coffee at the restaurant there, but they were booked solid and didn't even offer us a cup to go. So, we waiting by the overhangs until our boat came in.

This was what the weather looked like from the window of the boat. But, when has that ever stopped birders?

Tufted Puffin!!!:

Hauled out Elephant Seal:

Hauled out harbor seals and a juvenile Bald Eagle:

My son Dan took a photo of me. You can see his reflection in the window:

A couple of great sunset shots:

These are mostly Pigeon Guillemots flying back to their nesting holes:

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