Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Below the Bauhaus

During our walking tour of the Bauhaus architecture on Rothschild, we walked on either side of the long tent city that has sprung up protesting the high cost of housing in Israel. Interestingly, and in contrast to the protests in other countries in this part of the world, it felt a lot less like a protest and a lot more like a Grateful Dead (or Phish) concert.

Most of the tents are identical pop-ups with very little variety. There are signs in Hebrew and English. There are also "schedules" of daily "events" posted. Tonight there's a jam session. We know -- we were invited to attend.

The people we saw are all young. A friend of Dan who lives here told us they're young people out of school for the summer. He also told Dan they are being paid to protest by two lobbying groups. He intimated this is why the majority of tents are all of the same size and make; they were purchased by these groups for the "protest". I have no way of verifying whether this is true or not. But it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

So, here are a few photos of the "scene" along Rothschild, just below the Bauhaus.

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