Saturday, March 16, 2013

Burrowing Owls -- Ya Gotta Love Them!

While visiting my daughter in South Florida last week I took two opportunities to visit the Burrowing Owls at Brian Piccolo Park not just once, but twice.

I think I've already posted about what a great site this park is for these adorable little creatures and this time proved no different.

The first day I dragged her friend Roy with me. Alana (my daughter) was busy and he wasn't. I don't think he expected finding and viewing the owls to be so easy. You simply look for the cordoned off areas. Most of them are right next to parking lots and sports fields. A few days later it was Alana's turn.

 Both days (unlike the last time I went with Avi) most of the Owls were out in the open, sitting by their burrows. There was even a pair, making me wonder about possible owlets.

A nice surprise was a couple of Common Yellowthroats hanging around the garden area in front of my daughters condos. I wondered if they were just passing through on migration. But I saw them every day I was there.

 We also had a little bit of excitement during the last day of my visit. A boat on the other side of the intracoastal had fallen off its raised mooring and sank. We watched while the Fire Rescue, Hollywood Water Police, and Florida Fish and Wildlife officials all came. I won't be there to see how that story works out. Hopefully Alana can fill me in.

 Of course, the cuteness of the Owls trumped all; so I leave you with a few more shots of these little birds.

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