Friday, October 26, 2012

Of Snowy Owls and Design Concepts

Inspiration can come from many places. In this case, it came from a PBS show in the Nature series. This particular one was about Snowy Owls -- my favorite bird, and one we were privileged to see on a birding trip to Amherst Island in Ontario, Canada one February, many years ago.

The Snowy Owl is one of the largest owls in the world. That, combined with their striking white feathers and incredibly golden yellow eyes.....well, you know!

So I've decided to make mugs, using those eyes and that coloring. I intend to keep the mug white and use yellow and black underglazes to paint in the eyes and beak. Then, if I feel it's appropriate, I'll add some light carving to accentuate the feathering around the beak.

I love living here in San Antonio. The only negative is we have little chance of getting a Snowy Owl down here -- even in the most irruptive of years.

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