Monday, July 2, 2012

Wren Wars: And the Winner Is......

We got home from our Alaska trip last night (trip posts to follow). Even before getting home, I was curious what the outcome of the Wren Wars would be. My answer came this morning.

I awoke to a Carolina Wren singing outside our window. My visual confirmation of what that indicated happened a few minutes ago, when I saw a Carolina Wren tail sticking out of the nesting hat/box. The male sat nearby on the porch railing, singing and twitching.

It seemed to me the female was still sitting on eggs, since she entered the box and was still sitting in there. I guess, in the end, the Carolina Wren retained its nest in spite of the Bewick's aggressions.

Several days later I took these photos of one of the parents coming to the nest with food.

We'll continue to enjoy the nesting activity outside our bedroom window until the young fledge. Then we'll clean out the hat and see if we're lucky enough to get a second nesting this season.

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